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Cinematic FPV
Video Footage

Create Reality offers top professional drone racing pilots able to capture incredible new perpective with these amazing flying  cameras. We can fly our micro HD drones indoors and outdoors & able to fly close to people & objects safely.  We capture cinematic level video footage in 4k 60fps for T.V.and movies. Our drones can fly up to 100km/h to capture any moving subjects with ease.

Flying drones Anywhere 

Creating amazing content takes creativity but also lots of skill when it comes to getting cinmatic drone content. Having a professional drone pilot with years of drone racing with flying at speeds of 150km/h ensures that we get the best video content possible.  Our pilots have lots of experience filming in all sorts of different environments creating content flming almost anything you could possibly think of.  Watch the video of our pilot flying in and around the entire Amazon fulfillment center for a virtual tour.

Creating New Perspectives

We are able to capture a whole new perspective with our drones showing a new creative reality of your business. Creating captivating cinematic content allows you to create amazing viral video content that will help you stand out from the crowd.  Watch this quick 1 minute video we made for Vida Hermosa in Playa Hermosa, Costa rica for the Sunset Sundays.

Cool & Creative

It doesnt matter what kind of business you have, we love to get creative and film anything you can throw at us. We have worked for many different types of clients & industries such as real estate, restaurants, bars, harley davidson dealers ships, surfing, conerts, events, and the list goes on and on. It doesnt matter what type of business you operate, we can bring a cool & creative way to create top quality content ready for your audience.

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