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High Quality
360 Video Content

We create reality via creating incredible content for your business. We use the latest 360 Camera technology to show your audience what its like to experience it in real life but through this immersive content. We can reframe & edit content for normal video or we can export full 360 content ready for all VR goggles & smart phones 

Capture Everything

360 Video cameras are a great new tool in our box of tricks, it allows us to shoot everything at once. Our editors can reframe 360 video into many different types of video shots allowing you to create almost any angle or view you want.  We spend more time in post production editing the 360 footage but it give us total flexibility when making amzing video content. Watch this sample video of what you can do in real time reframing editing.

360 Video or 16:9 Video

One you shoot your video you can choose export it as 360 footage that can be used in VR goggles to give you the live video experience like you are there. The other option is to edit it in 16:9 or even 4:3 footage for TV and movie production, allowing editors to choose in real time the direction that the camera is shooting.  Watch this video to see what reframed video looked like once its exported.

Create Creative Content

Once you understand how the 360 camera works & the editing capabilities after you shoot then you can get much more creative with your movements. Using the camera more like a moving camera or boom operator allows you to produce amazing content gives a very cinematic look. Watch this video of fire spinning to see how dynamic the shot are.


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