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4k Video Footage

Creating cinemtic video content requires lots of different awesome tools to capture your content. We have an aresenal of action cams like insta360go or Gopro's to get those close up shots. Then we have small drones & big drones that can capture the big picture. Combining them together with some amazing 360 video makes for incredible cinematic footage that will bring your content to another level.

Creating a 360 reality

We aim to capture what it feels like be at your event, business or even airbnb. We bring your audience closer by showing them a 360 view of the experience in 4k. We have the ability to reframe the content to create normal size content also.  Watch this event experience we captured in Costa Rica

First Person View

Sharing experiences is how you connect with your audience through amazing digital content. We use tiny stabilzed cameras & GoPro's mounted in all sorts of places to capture what we call the First Person VIew.  Watch this amazing sunset from a paddleboard in Punta Leona, Costa Rica

Capturing Experiences

We love to capture experiences from different perspectives & to do that we use different tools. We can produce amazing 360 video timelapses to show a large period time condensed into a shorter video.  We find new creative and interesting ways to capture content & use it in a cinematic way.  Watch this timelapse over looking Jaco, Costa Rica 

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